[ Pillo Games ] Week 1 – Warming up

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In this first week Pillo hosted a 24 hours Game jam, from Monday till Tuesday. I personally think the goal of this Jam was to let the internees get to know each other and get a grasp of the skill levels of each individual. My group existed of 2 and a half programmers, a half designer and 2 artists. We made the game “space pong” during these two days. Wednesday was a day of, which we really needed after 24 hours of non stop developing. I at least slept the whole day. Thursday and Friday was the real startup.

Thursday I joined a team working on a game called “fellowship”, so that I could get to know the workflow of working with the Pillo controller. However I spent half the day migrating the source code from GitHub to Bit-bucket. I saw that they hosted it on GitHub in a public repository, so I advised them to move the code to Bit-bucket  in a private repository so the source code won’t be available to the public. After that was done I advised Source-tree as client since it works well with Bit-bucket and spent more time explaining the basic features and workflow of that within a project.  At the end of Thursday I made a draft/short list of important points and planning/deadlines that I have to incorporate in my PID/actionplan and planned in a meeting on Friday to discuss it with my supervisor.

On Friday I helped out a little more with fellowship. I also got all the source code from my supervisor of the Pillo PDK and will start looking into that starting next week to get the current state in view.

Global Game Jam 2016: Space cake delivery!

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Did someone order cake?!

In this 2D click adventure game, you deliver cake as you fly past the amazing sights of deep space! But day after day, the same old job stays the same. The money adds up, but to where? Levels are gained, but for what? Is there not something more out here? Will you be able to break free from your every day Ritual? By talking to the other creatures and listening to their advices, you will be able to increase your freedom within the game. Experiment and see what happens when you break your Ritual.

Check out our game “Space Cake Delivery” below.

Global game jam 2016 project page
Play it online here
Download it here from the playstore