Peel adventure

Peel adventure was a game we made in 4 weeks time which was part of a group of games that were designed for the staatsbosbeheer during the games[4nature] 2015. Staatsbosbeheer wanted to motivate people to go back to the nature and play in the forest. So we as students of fontys ICT combined our strength with students of the Fontys Academy of creative industries (ACI) to go and create multiple concepts. Sadly however, this one didn't get picked for further development.

Peel adventure is a game where we as game master set points of interest (POI) in the real life world at GPS locations. The player then can go to these POI's (in real life) and find loot or monsters that needs to be defeated. Within this project I was responsible for the quest system. We had POI's that were part of a bigger chain (a quest line). And we had POI's which were random loot and monsters. The application had to keep track of the currently active quest line and at which point of the story the player is. Whenever the player finished the current point the next point had to be activated, or in case the player failed he had to get the opportunity to retry.