Space Cake Delivery

Space Cake Delivery is a game made during the GlobalGameJam 2016, which got first place at the PilloGames (GGJ Eindhoven) location. After the Game Jam we did a little bug fixing, added achievements and put it on the Playstore

Your job is to deliver cake as you fly past the amazing sights of deep space! As you deliver the cakes you get paid and gain experience and you actively progress. However, you will soon notice that you're doing the same thing over and over again. The money adds up, but to where? Levels are gained, but for what? Is there not something more out here? By talking to the other creatures and listening to their advices, you will be able to increase your freedom within the game and (hopefully) break free of your everyday ritual.

My main contribution to the project was the dialogue system and user interface. Of course apart from the usual game jam stuff like brainstorming, testing and keeping others awake =).