Piraten vlot

This was a very interesting game which I worked on at the Games[4Health] Jam in 2013. Back then I had no experience at all in game development, but it seemed interesting so I just took the opportunity and went to the jam on my own.

The goal was to make a game within 50hours which was easy to get in and out of for kids in the swimming pool. The game had to encourage kids to play (thus making them move which is good for your health). We came up with a simple game where you have to defend a pile of gold from birds that tries to steal it. The game was a augmented reality game where we used 2 printed markers that we taped on a floater for calibration. It made use of a computers camera to detect movement from players.

This was my first project where I worked with unity3D, and I learned a lot of things while working with the team. As this was my first time working with unity, my tasks in the team were rather simple and my main job was to backup the main coders and do a lot of prototype testing.