Pillo 24H Jam – Making Pong

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Right after the global game jam comes the Pillo 24h Jam! In this game jam our assigned was to make the classic game: pong. My team decided to go for a space theme and we named it Space Pong.
ScreenHunter_181 Feb. 14 20.55ScreenHunter_182 Feb. 14 20.55

My team consisted of 2.5 programmers (including me), 2 artist, and a half designer. My contribution to the project as a programmer was:

– Pong game itself made using unity physics =p
– Juicy content:
– screen shakes on border hit
– player paddle shake on ball hit
– “popping” score when score up
– glow effect on plasma ball
– glowing particles trail
-“popping” ball when hitting paddle

I was thinking  to make a working version for my own and host it on my website, if only unity would stop giving me run errors on WebGL builds…

Global Game Jam 2016: Space cake delivery!

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Did someone order cake?!

In this 2D click adventure game, you deliver cake as you fly past the amazing sights of deep space! But day after day, the same old job stays the same. The money adds up, but to where? Levels are gained, but for what? Is there not something more out here? Will you be able to break free from your every day Ritual? By talking to the other creatures and listening to their advices, you will be able to increase your freedom within the game. Experiment and see what happens when you break your Ritual.

Check out our game “Space Cake Delivery” below.

Global game jam 2016 project page
Play it online here
Download it here from the playstore