Events in Unity: event delegates and Unity events

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What is an Event? An Event can be defined as a function pointer. It notifies its subscriber of an incident. It means that it stores the pointer to a method which will be invoked when the “event” happens. As you can see from the definition, pointers are at the heart of the event system. So, the question is how is it type safe. After all, pointers are not considered a type safe way of calling a method. The answer is Events in C# use delegates to point to a method. The type safety is guaranteed by the use of delegates. […]

Unity is working on a new input system!

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Finally after so many years Unity has decided to improve the current input system! The new input system will consist of two parts. The low-level part is integrated into the C++ core of Unity. The high-level part is implemented in managed (C#) code that will be open-source in the same way as e.g. the UI system. Our development process for the new input system is to design and implement large parts of the high level system first. Initially this is based on top of the current input system that already exists in Unity. For now, we call this the input […]