Indievelopment 2016

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This week on monday I went to Indievelopment 2016! I had a blast, even though my head hurted most of the time (and I don’t know why!! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) Attended 3 interesting talks: Lisa Brown – Things I learned in a AAA that helped me as a indie Alex Rose – Game feel: perfecting platformer physics Jeff Gardiner – Controlling the crazy: lessons learned from creating Fallout & The Elder Scrolls Ard Jacobs (boss at my current intern company Pillo Games) had a talk too but unfortunately I couldn’t make it on time. There were a lot returning games from […]

Unity UI canvas button troubleshoot

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For a button to work properly: – A button that is a child of a canvas object – The canvas object must have a GraphicRaycaster component – There must be an EventSystem object somewhere in your hierarchy. – If you messed around with the InputManager be sure you still have the submit input (and it does not give errors on run) Unity will build all this automatically if you create your button from the GameObject menu. But not if you add a button component manually.