Internship Pillo Games 2016

[ Pillo Games ] Week 1 – Warming up

In this first week Pillo hosted a 24 hours Game jam, from Monday till Tuesday. I personally think the goal of this Jam was to let the internees get to know each other and get a grasp of the skill levels of each individual. My group existed of 2 and a half programmers, a half designer and 2 artists. We made the game “space pong” during these two days. Wednesday was a day of, which we really needed after 24 hours of non stop developing. I at least slept the whole day. Thursday and Friday was the real startup.

Thursday I joined a team working on a game called “fellowship”, so that I could get to know the workflow of working with the Pillo controller. However I spent half the day migrating the source code from GitHub to Bit-bucket. I saw that they hosted it on GitHub in a public repository, so I advised them to move the code to Bit-bucket  in a private repository so the source code won’t be available to the public. After that was done I advised Source-tree as client since it works well with Bit-bucket and spent more time explaining the basic features and workflow of that within a project.  At the end of Thursday I made a draft/short list of important points and planning/deadlines that I have to incorporate in my PID/actionplan and planned in a meeting on Friday to discuss it with my supervisor.

On Friday I helped out a little more with fellowship. I also got all the source code from my supervisor of the Pillo PDK and will start looking into that starting next week to get the current state in view.

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